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Lake park Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Lake Park, Florida has a specialized residential treatment facility that offers help to males suffering from a substance abuse problem. Whether it is drugs, alcohol, gambling, or sex, The Recovery Center for Men offers a safe, nurturing environment that will help you find sobriety.

Specialized Treatment For Male Patients

Men face unique challenges when trying to overcome a substance abuse problem. The Recovery Center for Men has created a specialized program where you will be surrounded by other individuals who are faced with similar problems and temptations.

Placing yourself in an environment with all males allows you to focus on what is important – your recovery from a substance abuse problem. There are limited distractions and you are able to rebuild your life by working to overcome your substance abuse problem.

Long-Term Treatment At A Residential Treatment Facility

The Recovery Center for Men is classified as a long-term residential treatment facility. It does not focus on a 30-day treatment model. Patients who enter treatment at this facility are encouraged to stay for anywhere from two months to a year and half.

The longer treatment model allows patients to focus on recovery on their own terms. They do not feel pressured to learn everything in a short span of time. This treatment model allows patients to fully address their substance abuse problems and find the help they need to overcome them.

Unique Treatment Plans For All Types Of Substance Abuse Problems

The Recovery Center for Men understands that there is no 'one size fits all' treatment for substance abuse. Upon entry to this treatment facility, you will work with both clinical and medical staff to create a unique treatment plan that addresses all your problems.

This residential treatment facility has been able to create successful treatment plans for people with mental illnesses or gambling, alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal drugs problems. There is even treatment available for problems associated with traumatic events.

Help Transitioning Back Into The Community

One of the hardest things to do after staying at a residential treatment facility is to transition back into the community. The Recovery Center for Men understands this issue and works closely with its patients to help them successfully transition back to the community.