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Labelle Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

When a loved one has started abusing drugs or alcohol, it can raise concerns for the entire family. It is important to seek professional help and find the right program for the needs of a loved one. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, almost 9 percent of Florida residents abuse drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, LaBelle also has a treatment program that can help with the recovery process.

The Treatment Facility

The Southwest Florida Addiction Services (SWFAS)/LaBelle Overlay is a treatment program that offers residential care and intensive out-patient services. Since it offers a variety of treatment options, it is a good choice for individuals who may need treatment for an extended period of time or who may need assistance with the transition from a residential program into a healthy lifestyle.

The residential program takes a holistic approach to recovery. It offers alternative medicine to help with pain, discomforts and the cravings that may occur during the treatment program. Furthermore, the program is a non-12 step program, which may be helpful if a loved one or individual has found that a 12-step approach is not appropriate for personal goals or needs.

After the residential program is completed or when there are specific obligations that prevent an individual from entering the residential program, Southwest Florida Addiction Services (SWFAS)/LaBelle Overlay offers an intensive out-patient treatment plan. The intensive out-patient program focuses on the goals of the individual and creates a treatment schedule around the work schedule of the individual.

Paying For Treatment

Southwest Florida Addiction Services (SWFAS)/LaBelle Overlay is a treatment facility that accepts Medicaid as a form of payment. Otherwise, it requires self-payment in the form of cash, credit or money order. Some forms of insurance may reimburse individuals for the costs of treatment and a payment plan may be available if it is necessary.

Treating an addiction at an early stage is an important part of recovery. In a program that offers a variety of treatment solutions, it is possible to reach personal goals and start working on recovery. For residents of LaBelle, the treatment program that is available can be a helpful way to focus on recovering from an addiction.

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