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Jacksonville Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Jacksonville is large. Not only is it the most populous city in Florida, it's also the single-largest city by area in the contiguous United States. Fortunately, with its big nature comes big resources and big opportunities. With everything it has to offer, Jacksonville is a premier place for those looking to start their recovery from drug abuse.

Breakthroughs: Counseling and Recovery, Inc.

Founded back in 1993, Breakthroughs has worked for the past two decades to provide affordable mental health care for the entire Jacksonville community. The center boasts holistic mental health recovery, and treats far more than just drug addiction. Patients have access to counseling for: 

  • Marriage and family
  • Trauma
  • Depression and anxiety
  • LGTBQ issues
  • Military concerns
  • and more!

On the drug rehabilitation side of things, patients have access to intensive outpatient programs (for adults and adolescents) and family/group-based counseling.

Gateway Community Services

Having just celebrated its 35th anniversary, Gateway Community Services also maintains a long history of providing drug relief to the Jacksonville metropolitan area. People who seek Gateway's services can expect professional guidance in a community-based setting. The center offers residential and outpatient programs, e-therapy, transitional recovery housing, and targeted therapy for women and children.

Their services are provided on a sliding fee scale and are easily affordable to many.

Greenfield Center

The professionals at the Greenfield Center promise highly focused and individualized care for all those who seek their help. They feature individual therapy, group therapy, and lifestyle classes to help people no matter their recovery preference. Their sessions fit easily to fit nearly anyone's schedule, and their alumni program ensures the highest quality aftercare.

Those looking to share the Greenfield Center's process with others may also seek to have the center sponsor speeches, workshops, and training sessions.

Wekiva Springs

Set upon a lush, tree-shaded backdrop, Wekiva Springs is where people go to recovery in comfort.

For many, the drug rehabilitation process is better facilitated in a single-gender setting. As a result, many centers serve just one gender. Wekiva Springs, however, offers single-gender therapy for men and women in addition to its mixed-gender programs. People can find whatever they're most comfortable with at Wekiva.