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Fort Myers Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

As a large city with more than 65,700 residents, according to City Data, it is not surprising that Fort Myers, Florida would also have treatment options for addiction recovery. The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration estimates that almost 9 percent of residents have abused drugs or alcohol at some point within any given month. Furthermore, Fort Myers has a crime rate that is significantly higher than the averages for the nation, says City Data. Even though the crime rates have reduced over the last ten years, there is still room for improvement. Obtaining treatment for addiction can be an important part of reducing crime rates and ensuring that an individual is no longer committing drug-related crimes.

Omega Centre

The Omega Centre is an intensive out-patient treatment program that offers solutions for substance abuse and addiction. As an out-patient program, it focuses on providing treatments based on the needs and schedule of the individual who is seeking professional help. It can work around any personal responsibilities and obligations that may be required throughout the day. The program accepts most forms of insurance.

AAR Counseling Services Fort Myers

AAR Counseling Services Fort Myers is an out-patient program that offers counseling services and additional treatment options for individuals who are trying to recover. The program primarily requires self-payment and may ask for individuals to pay for treatment in cash or with a money order.

Ruth Cooper Center Drug Abuse Treatment And Education

For individuals who may need more comprehensive treatment, the Ruth Cooper Center Drug Abuse Treatment and Education offers a solution. It is a 30 day residential treatment program that takes a holistic approach to recovery. The program offers alternative medicine to help with any physical health concerns and it provides traditional treatments for addiction recovery. The treatment facility accepts most insurance providers and offers an income-based sliding scale for individuals who are seeking treatment.

There are a variety of treatment options that are available in Fort Myers. Since addiction recovery can be a complicated situation, having a treatment program that focuses on personal goals can be a useful way to avoid substance abuse in the future.