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Floral City Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Troubled teen girls who are not responding to traditional counseling or substance abuse treatment may find an outdoor therapeutic school helpful. E-Nini-Hassee, located in Floral City, Florida, is an outdoor therapeutic school for teen girls ages 12 to 18.

Specialized Care For Troubled Teens

Teens do not have the same problems adults have when it comes to substance abuse problems. This makes it difficult for teens to find the help they need from an adult treatment program. E-Nini-Hassee uses a specialized treatment plan that addresses the problems teen girls face on a day-to-day basis.

E-Nini-Hassee can help with school-related issues, family conflicts, drug extermination, depression, and any other emotional or behavioral problems. Each girl goes through an assessment process before starting the program. This assessment process helps clinical and medical staff members create a treatment plan that is designed to help young girls succeed in life.

The assessment process is also essential to determining how long a girl needs to attend this program. The average amount of time needed to successfully help a teen is approximately eight months, but some individuals may need to stay for a shorter or longer period of time depending upon how they respond to treatment.

Structured Activity-Rich Days

A patient's day is filled with numerous activities that will help with the healing process. All girls are expected to attend multiple group therapy sessions and individual counseling. There are also academic classes, life skills classes, and fun outdoor activities.

Each day is structured from when a girl wakes up to when they go to sleep. This helps the individual successfully enter back into the community when their treatment is complete.

Ability To Attend School At The Same Time

All girls who attend E-Nini-Hassee are expected to attend academic classes. Each student spends approximately five to six hours a day taking part in English, math, science, and history classes. All credits obtained will be successfully transferred to the girl's home school upon completion of treatment.

Positive Interactions With Role Models

Teens attending E-Nini-Hassee will have positive interactions with adult role models on a daily basis. It is believed that these positive interactions combined with a structured environment and regular counseling can help troubled teens overcome their difficulties and lead a happy life.