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Deland Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

There are currently two major drug and substance abuse rehabilitation and recovery centers operating in the Deland city area that residents can choose from depending on their needs.

Florida Hospital Deland Center

The first of two facilities in Deland is the Florida Hospital Deland Center, located at 701 West Plymouth Avenue. As a provider of both substance abuse and mental health services, this facility's primary focus is in holistic residential treatment. This is a category that can include recovery techniques like therapeutic recovery, biophysical rehabilitation, certain types of alternative options and more. One of the main concerns of holistic residential treatment is in offering patients an alternative to more "traditional" 12-step recovery programs.

In addition to providing standard drug rehab treatment for substances like crack, cocaine and prescription medications, this facility also acts as a dual diagnosis rehab. This allows professionals to successfully treat co-occurring mental and substance abuse disorders. Drug detoxification services are also available, like traditional medical detoxification and suboxone treatment testing.

Haven Recovery Center Serenity West Residential II Center

The second major facility operating in the area is the Haven Recovery Center Serenity West Residential II Center, located at 2775 Big John Drive. This facility also provides a mixture of mental health and substance abuse services to people living in and around the Deland city area. In addition to traditional rehabilitation, this facility also offers aftercare treatment and provides long term access to halfway houses and other types of sober living facilities. Holistic residential treatment options are available, as are residential long term inpatient drug rehab programs. A "long term" program would be anything ranging from 60 to 120 days in length.

In addition to all of the standard drug rehabilitation programs, this center also offers a variety of specialty programs to allow it to better serve certain groups of people. In particular, the facility offers drug rehab designed specifically for men and male patients, as well as addiction treatment that was created with Spanish speakers in mind.

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