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Daytona Beach Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

When one thinks of Daytona Beach, the things that might immediately pop into their minds may include the Daytona International Speedway, which hosts the annual Daytona 500 NASCAR race. Or perhaps one would recall the nearly 8 million tourists that visit the city each year for its beautiful beaches and area attractions. What one likely doesn't think about when it comes to Daytona Beach is drug rehabilitation - but like other communities in the state of Florida, there are a bevy of individuals in and around Daytona Beach and on the so-called "Fun Coast" of the state that are addicted to drugs.

Rehabilitation Centers In Daytona Beach

In Daytona Beach there are many of venues for people to seek help when it comes to overcoming drug addiction, as the city has a total of five drug rehabilitation centers. There's the Daytona Methadone Treatment Center, for example, located at 737 International Speedway Boulevard, which offers outpatient drug rehab for everything from prescription pills to heroin. The facility also offers services for drug detox, methadone maintenance and buprenorphine and suboxone treatment. Another intensive outpatient facility in Daytona Beach is the Hearthstone Fellowship Foundation, located at 814 North Beach Street, which also offers aftercare treatment for patients. In terms of inpatient treatment centers in Daytona, there's the Stewart Marchman Act/Behavioral Healthcare Adult Detox facility, located at 1150 Red John Road. Unlike the other centers listed above, this particular facility offers inpatient drug rehabilitation of up to 30 days on everything from opiates to marijuana. The Stewart Marchman Act/Behavioral Healthcare Adult Detox facility also offers rehabilitation treatment for co-occurring disorders.

Drug And Substance Abuse In Daytona Beach

As previously mentioned, Daytona Beach is not immune to the drug problems that the state of Florida experiences, largely due to the smuggling that is encouraged by its bordering oceans. Specifically, one type of pill drug that is becoming more widely used is what police are referring to as "molly." It's an ecstasy-like pill that's said to contain other drugs - and it's highly addictive. However, for drug addicts looking to get back to a healthier way of life, there's five rehabilitation centers to seek treatment from in Daytona Beach. is here to help you on your search for the best treatment center. Please contact us today and get on the path to recovery.