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Crawfordville Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

DISC Village Inc. Wakulla Adult Outpatient Center

The residents of the Crawfordville city area have two high quality substance abuse and drug rehabilitation centers to choose from depending on the needs of their situation. The first is called the DISC Village Inc. Wakulla Adult Outpatient Center, which is located at 85 High Drive. It is designed to act as a substance abuse treatment services provider and offers outpatient drug rehabilitation, intensive outpatient treatment and holistic residential treatment to adults in the area. Holistic residential treatment techniques can include but are not limited to things like biophysical rehabilitation, therapeutic recovery and others that are alternatives to traditional 12-step recovery programs.

In addition to its primary focus of drug rehab treatment, this facility is also a faith-based rehabilitation center. It allows Catholics and Christians to get the type of treatment that they desire without interfering with their faith in any way. Addiction treatment designed specifically for people that have Spanish as a first language is also offered.

DISC Village Inc. Wakulla County Juvenile Outpatient Center

The second facility is the DISC Village Inc. Wakulla County Juvenile Outpatient Center, which is also located at 85 High Drive. Despite the fact that these two centers are run by the same organization and are in the same location, they are considered to by two different facilities due to the shift in focus that each one brings to recovery. This center acts as a drug rehabilitation unit for both teens and adolescents, offering a wide range of juvenile-based programs to younger people. Among these are dual diagnosis drug rehabilitation, CBT or "cognitive behavioral therapy," the treatment of co-occurring disorders, one on one counseling, group therapy sessions and more. Relapse prevention therapy is also offered, allowing people to remain in some type of counseling to help make sure that they never give in to their urges again.

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