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Clearwater Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

In the summer of 2013, police officers in Clearwater, Florida seized about 18,000 packets of synthetic marijuana in one of the city's largest drug raids of all time. The record-setting drug raid highlights the ongoing drug problem within Clearwater's city limits, as smuggling and distribution is made easier thanks to the bordering oceans and waterways. Unsurprisingly, there are also a lot of individuals in and around Clearwater that are battling drug addiction, from the likes of synthetic marijuana mentioned above, as well as other substances like cocaine, heroin, opiates, and prescription medication.

Rehabilitation Centers In Clearwater

In the 107,000-plus person city of Clearwater, however, there are plenty of places for people to get help to overcome their drug addiction. The city is home to 13 drug rehabilitation centers, both of the inpatient and intensive outpatient variety. 

There's the Fairwinds Treatment Center Residential, for instance, which is located at 1569 South Fort Harrison Avenue, and offers 28-30 day residential inpatient drug rehab treatment on everything from synthetic marijuana to meth. The center also offers dual-diagnosis treatment and drug detox. Another center is Narconon Florida, Inc, an intensive outpatient facility that also offers partial hospitalization and day treatment for patients. The facility also offers drug detox in the way of medical detoxification and the suboxone treatment test. The Suncoast Rehabilitation Center is another treatment facility in Clearwater, although unlike the other two centers listed here, Suncoast offers both intensive outpatient treatment as well as long-term inpatient drug rehab of up to 120 days. The facility is located at 8213 Cessna Drive. 

Clearwater also offers faith-based drug rehabilitation treatment, such as that offered in Directions for Living, a facility located at 1437 South Belcher Rd. The outpatient treatment facility treats patients based on Christian-based principles and is also qualified to treat patients via cognitive behavioral therapy, through group therapy and on an individual basis.

Drug And Substance Abuse In Clearwater

Due to its close proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico, Florida experiences high amounts of drug trafficking. But for those that have been lured by temptation and are looking to get healthy in Clearwater, there are plenty of avenues to do so.

The search for the right rehab center can be difficult. Contact today and get help in finding a better future.