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Brooksville Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Addiction recovery can be a concern for any individual who is trying to stop using a substance or for loved ones who are encouraging an individual to seek treatment. In the state of Florida, as many as 8.63 residents abuse drugs or alcohol in any given month, says the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. Fortunately, residents in Brooksville, Florida can seek treatment for an addiction. Even though it is a small town with roughly 7,700 residents, according to City Data, the town has a slightly higher crime rate when compared to the national averages. Since crime is often related to substance abuse, it is important to recognize the treatment options that are available.

BayCare Behavioral Health Brooksville

Individuals who want to take a long-term approach to recovery or who have limited options in relation to their obligations may find that the BayCare Behavioral Health Brooksville is an appropriate choice. The program offers a residential treatment facility that takes a holistic approach to recovery. It also offers an intensive out-patient treatment plan that can be used after a residential program is completed or can be the primary form of treatment. Depending on the needs of an individual, the best approach to treatment can vary slightly. The BayCare Behavioral Health Brooksville program is a non-12-step option that accepts most forms of insurance and Medicare. It also provides an income based sliding scale to help with the cost of treatment.

Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc., Eckerd Academy At Brooksville

For adolescents who may need treatment for substance abuse, the Eckerd Youth Alternatives Inc., Eckerd Academy at Brooksville is a good option. Although it is a program that require self-payment via cash, credit or money order, the program offers residential care that takes a long-term approach to recovery. It offers programs that are up to 120 days long. It also provides treatment for dual-diagnosis if it is necessary.

Find Treatment In Brooksville

A small town may not provide the safety that individuals always expect, but there are treatment programs in Brooksville that offer the opportunity to make a change. The key to recovery is focusing on personal goals and finding a treatment plan that is appropriate for the goals of the individual.