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Avon Park Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Florida is best known for its sunny, warm year-round climate, a state that's often thought of as a paradise destination by many. But it's 8,400-plus miles of coastline also make the state highly susceptible to drug smuggling, as the bordering Atlantic Ocean and Gulf of Mexico enable easy transportation and distribution into the state. These drugs can permeate even the most quaint of Florida's communities, tempting residents and leading to addiction. Hence, the small central Florida city of Avon Park, which has a population of just under 8,000 residents, isn't immune from drugs and those that have become addicted to them.

Rehabilitation Centers In Avon Park

There's help for those in and around Avon Park who have become dependent on drugs. The city features a drug rehabilitation center in the Tri County Human Services Inc., Highlands Outpatient Clinic, which is located on 100 West College Drive. Fitting to the name, it doesn't just offer services to citizens of Avon Park, but to affected citizens all throughout Highlands County. 

Tri County Human Services specifically offers intensive outpatient therapy through means including holistic treatment, therapeutic recovery, biophysical rehabilitation, homeopathic and alternative therapy and non-12 step drug rehabilitation programs. It offers drug rehabilitation treatment from the likes of prescription drugs, heroin, crack, cocaine, opiates, meth, marijuana, MDMA and more, and also offers treatment programs for co-occurring disorders.

Unlike many drug rehabilitation centers, Tri County Human Services also accepts Obamacare, Medicaid and a multitude of private insurance plans, in addition to self payment for treatment services.

Drug And Substance Abuse In Avon Park

Upon first glance, you'd likely never think that the small, quaint little central Florida city of Avon Park has citizens that are battling drug demons, but drug and substance abuse does impact many in the area, especially when it comes to prescription medication and meth use, which are both on the rise among users in the area. That's where a facility like the Tri County Human Services Inc., Highlands Outpatient Clinic can help give people the treatment they need to overcome their addiction and start a fresh, new chapter of life.