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Apopka Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Alcohol and substance abuse problems can affect people in all areas of Florida, of all demographics and in all age groups. For those who are struggling in Apopka, Florida, The Act Center, Inc., provides effective substance abuse treatment options close to home.

Act Center, Inc.

The Act Center, Inc., is an alcohol and controlled substances treatment center in Apopka, Florida, located at 231 West Main Street, that focuses on outpatient drug rehab for patients dealing with substance abuse issues of all types. From prescription drugs to alcohol abuse, The Act Center offers comprehensive counseling and treatment using processed developed by the American Society of Addictions Medicine.

At The Act Center, programs are individualized to meet the unique needs of each patient. In addition to substance abuse, the center offers help with high-risk relationships, anger management and stress management to help their clients deal with the triggers that can make addictive behavior worse.

The Act Center offers full programs in both Spanish and English. The center has been helping the people of Florida since 1985, so it is an experienced and knowledgeable place to get help when struggling with the problem of addiction.

About Apopka, FL

Apopka is a large community of around 46,000 people, a quarter of which are Hispanic in nationality, which shows why Spanish-speaking treatment is so important. While specific statistics about addiction in Apopka are not available, looking at the overall addiction rates in Florida as a whole can help you understand why help for addiction is needed for people living in Apopka.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health, nearly 9 percent of the population surveyed who were ages 12 and older admitted to illicit drug use in the past month. A larger percent, over 21 percent, admitted to binge alcohol use over the past month.

Because of statistics like these, treatment centers like The Act Center are needed. Those who are struggling with substance and alcohol abuse, or who are struggling with a loved one who is in the throes of addiction, can get help from one of these facilities.