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Cigna Drug Rehab


Cigna has over 30 years experience helping manage addiction, particularly alcohol dependency. Their mission is to help their subscribers improve their lives through health treatments that bring overall well-being. They consider rehabilitation services as part of that mission.

Cigna understands that both mental and physical health go hand-in-hand. Health care doesn’t mean only treating the body, it also includes the mind. Productivity and fulfillment are only possible with peace of mind, and care for behavioral issues should be equally as accessible, as physical care. Thus proper treatment is a core principle that drives Cigna’s standards and guidelines for treatment of behavioral health and substance abuse disorders.

On-staff behavioral health professionals are available to consider your unique situation and help you determine a beneficial treatment approach. The types of treatment they cover include:

  • Outpatient rehabilitation for both adults and adolescents, which can include individual or group therapy and medication management such as Antabuse or Suboxone.
  • Inpatient rehabilitation for both adults and adolescents, which can include acute detox or inpatient or hospitalization for alcohol or drug dependency.
  • Some residential treatments or halfway house arrangements may be covered, but are limited and need to be discussed with a Cigna representative.

Service starts with precertification from a Cigna approved provider. In some circumstances, precertification is not required, particularly when obtained through in-network providers. Cigna will then work with your doctor or counselor to plan a course of rehabilitation, with having the end goal be no longer needing any treatment.

Cigna has an unique Alcohol Specialty Care Management Team. This team is comprised of licensed professionals with training, specifically in alcohol related disorders. They can help with information such as local resources, answering questions about coverage, providers in your area, treatment options, and more.

Cigna also provides some assistance with family members directly affected by your struggle with substance abuse, including outpatient therapy.

To determine if Cigna’s unique services are right for you, contact DrugRehab.orgTo determine if Cigna’s unique services are right for you, contact We can help you find out more about their plans and consider whether they are a good option for you, in your quest for freedom from drug or alcohol dependency.