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Assurant Drug Rehab

Assurant Drug Rehab

It is always a trying time when coming to the decision to enter rehab for substance abuse disorder. Having an addiction and being dependent on drugs or alcohol adds to the difficulty involved in making adequate decisions on your health and future. However, today is not the only day to take into consideration, your life. Life goes on beyond addiction and you’ll be better off when your mind is clear and your body is in recovery.

Recovery starts with a treatment plan. Letting go of the substance that controls you and sticking to a path of success–customized to your individual needs–will be beneficial for you as you ease into a sober life. Beyond finding the best treatment for you and your specific needs, you will likely be considering the way in which you will pay for your treatment program. Payment can unfortunately be a make or break situation when one considers seeking help. Don’t let financial constraints dictate your desire to enter a program.

With insurance coverage, many of those suffering from addiction to drugs or alcohol can be properly cared for with reduced out-of-pocket cost. Those who enroll in a plan that covers behavioral health, substance abuse treatment, and/or mental health treatment, will find that there are a number of options available to them as they consider what is needed to acquire a healthy lifestyle.

Insurance rates vary and companies–all of which have vastly differing plans–are now more than ever covering substance abuse and mental health treatment. The growing need for care in this field makes it possible for you to pay for treatment through your insurance carrier and have low copays at the end.

Assurant Helps You When You Need It Most

Assurant Health is one of the many great insurance companies that offers extensive coverage for substance abuse and addiction. While plans may be different depending on your state, area, or if you opt into an HMO or PPO, you will receive a good deal of benefits, regardless.

Many of the plans offered by Assurant will cover a good number of treatments for both inpatient and outpatient services, often with a $30 copay per service day. These treatments sometimes have limits as to how many days per calendar year you may be treated. With some plans you may be treated for 10 days on an outpatient basis per calendar year, while other plans offer no limit on more intensive treatment, such as residential inpatient care.

Mental health services covered by Assurant are very similar to the coverage that applies to substance abuse treatments. Visit limitations usually are dependent on service type, whether inpatient or outpatient, and a copay per service is commonly required.

Getting Help Is Easier With Assurant Health

Contact Us About ServicesSeek out a plan that best fits your needs by getting in touch with Getting enrolled in an insurance plan is much easier than you may think and your payments for treatment will help you be stress-free while you get the care you need. Sobriety is right around the corner and health is going to be yours. Contact us today and get into a treatment plan for your recovery.