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Kodiak Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Kodiak is somewhat of an isolated community, being that it's an island off the southern tip of Alaska and only accessible by boat or by plane. Like any community throughout the country, its citizens aren't immune from impulse and addiction. But unlike other communities in Alaska and the United States, Kodiak's isolation arguably plays a big factor in this. And for those affected citizens that are looking to overcome a drug addiction and start on a path to a healthier lifestyle, there's the Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center to help.

As the lone drug rehabilitation center located within the city limits, the Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center, which is situated at 717 East Rezanof Drive, specializes in providing a mixture of mental health and substance abuse services. It offers an intensive outpatient program via a variety of different treatment means including holistic, therapeutic, biophysical, homeopathic and non-12 step drug rehabilitation. Specifically, Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center offers rehabilitation from prescription drugs, crack, heroin, cocaine, opiates, meth, MDMA, marijuana, bath salts and cough medicine, among others. In terms of specialty programs, the treatment facility offers juvenile-based programs for teens and adolescents and also offers faith-based programs for those of the Catholic and Christian belief systems.

While the largest state in the United States, Alaska is also the least densely populated, with only about 649,000 residents, or less than one person per square mile. Kodiak is no exception to this standard, with a population of just over 6,000 citizens. What's more is that its proximity to the Gulf of Alaska and Bearing Sea make drug smuggling of cocaine, heroin and marijuana more convenient. Meth and prescription medicine are also common drugs in the city. Temptation also plays into drug use in Kodiak, being that it is isolated from the mainland and accessible by boat or airplane. But for those looking to overcome addiction and get healthy, there are alternatives. For those living in and around Kodiak, the Providence Kodiak Island Counseling Center can help.