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Fairbanks Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

Recovery Facilities in Fairbanks

As the largest city within Alaska's interior, Fairbanks is the cultural, economic, and social hub for those out deep in the Alaskan wilderness. It boasts the state's oldest university (University of Alaska Fairbanks, an unrivaled charm, and glimpses into stunning scenery unseen by many. Not only is it a place of tranquility and respite, but it's also one of the state's best places for substance abuse recovery.

Fairbanks Native Association's Ralph Perdue Center

For over forty years, the Fairbanks Native Association has been working to foster community and education in the Fairbanks region. The Ralph Perdue Center, an inpatient and outpatient substance abuse recovery center, is a testament to this.

Those who enroll in their program have access to its many resources, including individual psychotherapy, anger management, alcohol/drug education, group therapy, and family therapy. The program works to unseat its patients from every manner of unhealthy life style, including drug abuse.

Hope Counseling Center

For many, a standard drug recovery center is not enough. Those who identify as Christians often requires a program that integrates spiritual recovery into its curriculum. The Hope Counseling Center does just that.

Patients here will find counselors and other patients who subscribe to their ideals and won't cause them to practice anything that goes against their faith. Hope Counseling Center "vision statement" and "value statement" emphasize community, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Turning Point Counseling Services

Those who suffer from drug abuse often also suffer from other mental illnesses. The professionals at Turning Point Counseling Services not only offer superb care for drug rehabilitation, but for overall mental health too. They offer to treatment myriad conditions such as: depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, family dynamics, anxiety, and so much more in addiction to substance abuse.