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Barrow Drug Rehab and Alcohol Treatment Centers

For patients struggling with substance abuse, one of the most important decisions they can make on their path to recovery is deciding where to enter rehab. Different treatment centers and philosophies will impact people in various ways depending upon their personalities and needs. Those interested in a treatment center in Barrow, Alaska will find find a city of just under 5,000 people in the North Slope Borough. This far northern city only sees daytime temperatures above freezing a few months out of the year, but offers plenty of fishing and unique sights. Those who love the brisk cold and appreciate a rich local history will find much to love in this city.

Rehab centers in Barrow, Alaska

There is one main rehab facility located in the city, the NSB Department of Health/Social Services Integrated Behavioral Health Program. This rehab offers patients both mental health and substance abuse services, including dual diagnosis drug rehab. It offers intensive outpatient therapy to help people overcome their substance abuse problems. Patients can receive cognitive behavioral therapy, co-occurring disorders treatment, individual and group therapy, smart recovery, and relapse prevention therapy. There are also some holistic residential treatment options available, including therapeutic recover, biophysical rehabilitation, and alternative treatments. Teens and adolescents will also find special programs for juveniles available as well. The center can help patients struggling with a variety of different substances including prescription drugs, opiates, methamphetamine, marijuana, MDMA, and a variety of related drugs.

Substance abuse in Barrow, Alaska

Like the rest of Alaska, people of Barrow will sometimes struggle with substance abuse. The remote nature of the city and the extreme cold can make life more challenging. Occasionally, those who struggle with substance abuse will also face problems with mental illness. When these situations arise, it is important to have well equipped services to help patients overcome these problems.

For patients who have realized that they need help coping with their substance abuse, making the decision to enter rehab can be life changing. Those considering the city of Barrow, Alaska should carefully consider how well the city and the treatment program will match their own needs.