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Missy Li

This vibrant artist was once just a number, stripped of her identity and freedom. After her 4th DWI she was forced to make a choice: 7 years in prison or 1 year in a state-run rehab. She chose rehab. Make no mistake, rehab wasn’t the country club experience you often see on reality tv. Li recalls, “It was run by the prison system and all rules applying to the prisoners applied to me. We shared 5 toilets without doors with 70 women. When my loved ones visited, I was strip searched before they could see me and after they left.” Today she has a name, actually two, Missy Li or And So She Paints. After visiting her Etsy site, it’s obvious Missy is nothing but talented. This diverse collection is a striking reflection of her journey. Each painting evoking a different emotion: happy, weary, scared and even whimsical. Li offer this advice, “This isn’t hard, it’s just new. Everything new feels hard. There will be little else you’ll encounter in life more worth the effort than recovery. Get a sponsor ASAP. Tell people your name. Let them love you.” So, she has done just that…and the proof is in the pride she feels every time her little brother smiles at her.

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