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Michelli Ramon

“Despite our efforts to avoid, deny and resist old wounds, they are always with us. So often we believe that trauma from the past will be our undoing but, in truth, the past wants only one thing – to be set FREE.” ~ Michelli Ramon, co-creator of Somatic ReStorying (SR) trauma therapy; Program Director of Rise Recovery in Texas A survivor of childhood trauma and family addiction, Ramon helps others heal from intense pain and loss. She’s a clinical social worker and nationally-recognized educator on adolescent mental health. Her expertise in trauma therapy and shame resilience has been featured in a variety of media programs, including “Intervention,” A&E’s Emmy® Award-winning docuseries. Ramon says that in response to trauma, our bodies create patterns or stories that help us cope. “These patterns are an important aspect of our survival,” she notes. “The challenge is that they sometimes weave themselves into our core dialogue and often persist long after the painful experience has passed.” Releasing trauma starts with “a willingness to observe the ways in which we are responding to hurt and a readiness to awaken our HEALED selves,” she says.

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