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Martin Jim McFadden

We often hear the term “hit rock bottom”. For many this is the lowest point that person could go. When it comes to alcoholism, rock bottom could be a near death experience, legal trouble, or the loss of a family member or friend. For Martin Jim McFadden this point came when his father passed away before he was able to say goodbye. McFadden recounted, “My father was on his death bed and was asking and looking to see me. At this same moment I was getting arrested for brawling and smashing up a bar (about half hour drive from our home)”. McFadden remained sober for eight years before a relapse. With the relapse all the “horrors” of the past came flooding back. One day he was gifted a set of Rosary beads and from there he rediscovered his faith and found “true peace”. He looks to God daily through prayer to support his fourteen-year sobriety. He has chosen to put all his energy into helping others by sharing his story in writing, on stage and through music. “After I got sober, I discovered my gift and passion for writing and this was more meaningful as I had dropped out of school with no education or qualifications. I also went on a fourteen-year journey searching for long lost family members. This resulted in my visiting Buffalo, New York, Philadelphia, Chicago, Los Angeles and London, before I eventually got closure and peace on same.” McFadden continues to focus on his future knowing if he stays on the path of sobriety “the rewards are endless”. Most importantly, “I would like to thank Liz, my wife, for standing by me during our darker moments and having faith that I would change my ways.”

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