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John M. Fabiseski

Detoxing in a jail cell, John M. Fabiseski prayed for death. Years of cocaine and alcohol addiction had brought him to the brink, and he had already tried to end his life once. Fabiseski asked for a sign to keep living, and saw it on the wall: his initials – JMF – carved into the cement nearly 25 years ago, when he sat in this same jail cell. That was the catalyst, the moment of clarity, that Fabiseski used to end the cycle of addiction and jump-start his recovery. “I had asked for a sign and I received it,” he says. “I made a decision that I wanted to be abstinent.” After being accepted into a diversion program, Fabiseski began rebuilding his life with in-depth treatment and 12-step fellowship. Today, he visits jails to help inmates with substance use disorders find recovery and re-entry. He is also a present father and grandfather, and active in Pennsylvania’s recovery movement.

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