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Graham Rowson

For over 30 years, Rowson has been a local leader in North West England, raising money for charity and the community as landlord of several historic British pubs. He’s able to serve alcohol while maintaining his sobriety and self-control, after his own drinking became a problem. Rowson found his lifeline at SMART Recovery,® the leading secular self-help alternative. SMART shares components with 12-step programs such as fellowship and the goal of abstinence, but rejects the 12-step view that a person is powerless over drugs and alcohol. In time, the individual learns to gain self-control with help from SMART’s cognitive tools for managing thoughts and behaviors. “The label, ‘I am an alcoholic’ is converted to ‘I have a behavioral problem’ with SMART Recovery – thus stripping away the stigmas,” Rowson says. Today he’s been sober for nearly six years and volunteers for UK Smart Recovery, where he facilitates meetings, trains facilitators and advocates for self-empowerment and recovery.

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