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Esther Nagle

Nagle overcame a 20-year alcohol addiction by training intensely as a yoga teacher. The 13-month preparation transformed her life in other ways: she quit smoking, beat insomnia and markedly improved her physical and mental health. “Yoga, as a way of life – so much more than an exercise class – taught me to be with myself, to be content with my life,” Nagle says. She became more grateful and forgiving through the practice of restorative yoga, and found the resilience that eluded her for two decades. “Yoga helped me let go of regret, resentment, blame and rage, and helped me to see a better future for myself that didn’t involve alcohol,” Nagle says. She’s been sober since October 2014. “I realized that life was SO much easier, happier, and more joyful with my new resilience and without alcohol, and I haven’t looked back since!”

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