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Craig Stoker

The morning of 10/18/2010 will forever stand out in Craig Stoker’s memory. It was the morning he woke up in the local area hospital with little recollection of the night before. “I knew in my heart I was done. I could not continue.” Stoker recalls from that life changing morning. This was his “rock bottom”. He realized he did not have the ability to quiet the “it” telling him to have another drink. Stoker entered a 30-day inpatient program, followed by the 12-Step process. He states, “The conscious decision to leave the party behind was a difficult one, but one I knew was right.” The relationships with his parents and close friends were strained, trust lost. Not only was his addiction costing him relationships but financially he was in debt. “Now it’s over, seven years later, I’m still paying off a bit of debts incurred during my time in addition.” “Now, having multiple years of sobriety: I have a job I love, I have a relationship I cherish, and I am not willing to throw that all away to have a drink with you.” Is Stoker’s response when people question him about not drinking. Back in his hometown, Stoker is making a new life for himself. As the communications director for a large, local nonprofit he spends time out in the community talking about their mission. “Being part of the community opened my eyes to the struggles people face, and my position with a local nonprofit allows me to serve and give back. It has also been a fun journey to learn how my home has changed, and how I can make a difference in the community.”

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