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Byron A. Merriweather

Merriweather is building a culture of recovery in West Africa – and challenging die-hard superstitions about addiction. He works in Ghana, “a country that believes still today that addiction and alcoholism is caused by demons that take over the body,” Merriweather says. “There are health professionals ignorant to the fact that alcoholism and drug addiction is a disease – not a moral weakness, lack of will power, or a sin.” Working with Recovery Africa and Hopeful Way Foundation, Merriweather has helped more than 50 Ghanaians find long-term recovery since 2009. It was his own journey to sobriety back in the United States that inspired Merriweather’s calling; he uses his skills as an I.T. professional to mobilize Ghana’s movement. “I thank God for the opportunity to do His work of recovery very well in Africa,” he says.

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