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Bill McLellan

As a former Marine Bill McLellan did not shy away from hard work. After the Marines he enrolled in university, paid for by the GI bill. At the end of his junior year McLellan took an internship with a global science company. Once he graduated, McLellan started his career (with the same company) in their training program. One day he got a call that there had been a wreck. His parents were driving, and his dad had a heart attack while behind the wheel. His mother was able to pull the car over but then suffered a heart attached herself. In a period of only a few hours McLellan lost both his parents. Listening to a recording of his testimonial given to his men’s bible study group you hear McLellan pause to regroup himself. He admits, “I never really dealt with their deaths. My two sisters were a falling apart and I had to hold it together.” McLellan often traveled for work and drinking alcohol during these trips was the norm. “Everyone drank, I just didn’t realize I was the only one drinking in excess every time.” While waiting for his then wife at her psychiatrist appointment, he was called back into the doctor’s office. It was after his conversation with the psychiatrist McLellan realized he was an alcoholic. He started treatment the treatment a few days later. He calls, “It was one of those Holy Spirit moments”. McLellan began his journey with sobriety at the age of 41, today he is 81 and plans to be sober at 82. He has kept sober by helping others become sober and stay sober.

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