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WASHINGTON Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers

Recovering from substance abuse can require the assistance of a professional program. By obtaining health coverage with Blue Cross Blue Shield, it is possible to obtain assistance with the process of paying for addiction treatment and reduce the number of concerns that may arise in relation to the cost of treatment.

Washington Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans

In the state of Washington, individuals and families can apply for coverage from Regence Blue Cross Blue Shield or from Premera Blue Cross Blue Shield. Regence does not serve the entire state, but does offer coverage to some counties and specific areas.

Coverage options that are available through the Blue Cross Blue Shield program can vary slightly based on the needs of the individual and the current budget. The coverage will comply with state and federal guidelines regarding minimum standards and situations that must be covered.

Coverage for Addiction Recovery

Coverage for addiction recovery through the Blue Cross Blue Shield can vary based on the specific plan that is selected. Generally, the plan will have a 20 percent co-insurance after the deductible is paid and will have a stated co-pay for primary care doctors or medical professionals that are required for personal health and well-being. The deductible will vary based on income levels and the number of family members, but it may be limited to a reasonable amount for the entire year.

Substance abuse treatment is covered by the plan, but the exact amount of coverage can vary slightly based on the specific policy. In many cases, the coverage will apply to a short-term in-patient program. After the program is completed, the Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage will often pay for continued treatment via an out-patient program.

The deductible that must be paid before the co-insurance applies to the treatment plan will vary based on the specific situation and a personal income level. If it is necessary to go to an emergency room or a medical facility for detoxification, then the program may have a $150 to $250 co-pay after the deductible is paid.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield program will pay for many of the expenses that are related to addiction treatment and recovery. Since there are different plans that are available and the specific details of the policy can vary slightly based on a personal situation and the number of family members, it is important to discuss treatment options with a professional before assuming that the coverage will apply to every program. DrugRehab.org can assist with the process of finding and finalizing a policy so that individuals can obtain the professional treatment that they need. Substance abuse treatment is available and can make it possible to recover from addiction. In many cases, insurance coverage will pay for the treatment or will pay for a portion of the treatment so that an individual can focus on reaching personal recovery goals.

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