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GEORGIA Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers


Blue Cross Blue Shield Rehab Centers

Many individuals and families nationwide have been impacted by the current epidemic of alcohol and drug dependence, including those in Georgia. If you need treatment for substance abuse, you might be wondering how you can possibly pay for it, since this pre-existing condition is often grounds for exclusion in private health insurance plans. Fortunately, Blue Cross Blue Shield coverage through the Affordable Care Acts enables people with pre-existing conditions to get the care they need at a price point that suits their budget.

Viewing Your Options

If you’re a Georgia resident you can access the available plans directly through the Healthcare.gov site. Simply enter your zip code, the number of people you wish to cover (and their ages), and your household income. You will then see several pages of health plans, including many Blue Cross Blue Shield plans. The plans are divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold tiers based on their premium and coverage levels. The lower a premium you opt to pay, the higher your deductible will be and vice versa.

Bronze Tier

Blue Cross Blue Shield offers substance abuse coverage at all three tier levels for Georgia residents. At the Bronze level, you might opt for the Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia · BCBSHP Bronze Pathway X HMO 0 for HSA. This plan can be used with an HSA (Health Savings Account) to help you lower your taxable income. While it requires a $6,600 deductible, you would pay nothing for substance abuse care after meeting that amount. The Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia · BCBSHP Bronze Pathway X HMO 30 for HSA has a $5000 deductible, but you’ll pay a 30 percent post-deductible co-insurance for outpatient services and a $500 post-deductible co-pay for inpatient services.

Silver and Gold Tiers

Silver and Gold plans offer lower deductibles if you’re able to shoulder the premiums. for example, the Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia · BCBSHP Silver Pathway X HMO 3500 25 has a $3,500 deductible in exchange for a 25 percent co-insurance on substance abuse treatment and rehabilitation, as well as a $500 co-pay for inpatient services. If you are a former or current federal employee, consider the Blue Cross Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia · Blue Cross and Blue Shield Healthcare Plan of Georgia Gold DirectAccess, a Multi-State Plan with a deductible of $1,150. It requires a 10 percent co-insurance after you’ve met your deductible, plus a $500 co-pay for inpatient care.

Help For The Future

Blue Cross Blue Shield has got you covered against substance abuse. Contact DrugRehab.org to get connected with a Georgia plan that fits your needs!

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