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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Tennessee

Abusing a substance or inappropriate management of a mental health disorder impacts your life and the lives of your loved ones in unexpected and potentially dangerous ways. By addressing the situation with appropriate rehab treatments, individuals improve their lifestyle and situation. Aetna policies in Tennessee allow individuals to seek treatment for substance abuse or a mental health disorder in an appropriate rehab facility.

Program Options

Treating substance abuse in a rehab facility requires appropriate plans and options. Ideally, you want a treatment program with personalized plans and a variety of solutions. Since each person has different needs and goals, a personalized plan of action allows the professionals and the individual to focus on the underlying cause of addiction.

Rehab programs fall into two main categories: residential and outpatient treatments. A residential program requires the individual to stay in the facility throughout treatment. Usually, the program lasts for 28 to 35 days, but some facilities also offer long-term residential treatment for 90 to 120 days as needed for the person.

Outpatient programs focus on treating addiction or a mental health disorder without interrupting personal obligations. You live at home and go to the facility for treatment based on your schedule and your needs. It allows individuals to continue their work schedule and stay at home with loved ones while working on recovery.

Other factors to consider is the type of treatment the program offers. Facilities usually offer traditional, evidence-based or holistic treatments. A holistic plan focuses on the needs of the person as a whole while evidence-based treatments use scientifically proven strategies to assist with personal goals. For example, a holistic plan uses medical treatments and alternative solutions when appropriate for the specific individual. An evidence-based program uses tools like cognitive therapy and behavior modification to improve the situation.

Regardless of the specific type of treatment, you want to consider facilities with a detox program. Detox refers to the process of removing a substance from your system. Certain substances, like alcohol or heroin, cause discomforts and potential dangers when eliminating the drug from the system. A supervised detox program reduces the risks and protects your health.

Policies Available in Tennessee

Aetna offers coverage through a bronze policy in Tennessee. The policy allows individuals to seek treatment for substance abuse or mental health disorders after they pay the stated deductible. The exact deductible and costs associated with a policy from Aetna depend on the situation. Since employers also offer coverage through Aetna, the exact details vary based on the needs of the company, the group and the policy you select. Individual and family plans purchased directly require a deductible of more than $6,000 per year for each individual.

Policies from an employer vary significantly and the exact details of the plan vary. Evaluate the information and select an employer-provided policy when it meets personal needs for coverage better than the options available through the company directly. While Aetna offers individual and family coverage in Tennessee, it only offers bronze options directly to the individual or family.

Coverage for Rehab

After paying the deductible, coverage applies to rehab treatment based on the specific facility. Generally, the policy covers the majority of in-network treatment costs. It does not cover the same amount for out-of-network treatments and a basic bronze policy in Tennessee usually only covers about 50 percent of the expense when seeking treatment in an out-of-network facility.

Coverage in an in-network facility usually allows individuals to seek treatment without excessive costs. Usually, the individual pays a stated copayment or does not have a copayment after paying the stated deductible. The details vary between plans and the specific facility, so compare the options and evaluate the costs. Certain limitations usually apply the plan. Exceptions depend on the policy, but most plans from Aetna do not cover experimental or alternative treatment solutions.

Obtaining Treatment

Treating substance abuse or a mental health disorder starts with understanding your options and coverage. In Tennessee, Aetna offers coverage for rehab services and mental health disorders directly through individual policies and from employer-provided plans. For more information about treatment solutions or to find the right program for personal recovery goals, contact us at DrugRehab.org today.

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