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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in South Carolina

There are various causes for addiction, ranging from biological factors to environmental factors, and the root cause of addiction is different for each individual. The one thing that remains constant is the fact that anyone who is addicted — no matter what the cause — needs to seek treatment from a qualified rehab center in order to completely recover. This is a deadly disease with severe consequences, and substance abuse treatment is the only effective option. Unfortunately, most people who are battling this illness do not get the care that they need. It’s important to understand that health care coverage can make treatment more affordable, and most plans provide benefits for substance abuse treatment services. Aetna is one health insurance provider that offers coverage for behavioral health care and addiction treatment services.

Substance Abuse Treatment Programs

Substance abuse treatment programs can be personalized in order to meet the needs of the individual and to address the root cause of their addiction. However, most programs follow a similar framework. Generally, patients will choose an outpatient counseling center or an inpatient treatment facility.

At an outpatient counseling center, patients will work with certified recovery specialists and counselors who can help them address their addiction. They receive individual counseling which allows them to uncover the cause of their addiction and discuss their goals and plans moving forward. They also attend group counseling sessions where they can receive support from others who are on a similar recovery journey. Outpatient counseling is ideal for those who are seeking treatment for the first time or those who have a mild addiction to drugs and alcohol.

At an inpatient treatment facility, patients receive treatment for a specific time period in a safe place. They will receive medical care during the detoxification process, and they also will work with counselors as they begin their journey toward recovery. Inpatient treatment programs often provide recreational programming and other options for patients who are enrolled.

In both types of programs, patients can incorporate holistic treatment options into their care plan. Some examples of holistic care include yoga, acupuncture, art therapy, and nutritional therapy.

Aetna Health Care in South Carolina

Aetna is a national health insurance provider, and those who live in South Carolina can purchase policies through its main corporation and also through its numerous subsidiaries. All of Aetna’s health insurance policies are categorized by metal levels.

The bronze metal level plans feature low monthly premiums but higher out-of-pocket costs. These plans cover about 60 percent of all health care costs. The silver metal plans are a step up from the bronze plans, as they cover about 70 percent of all health care costs the patient incurs. The monthly premiums are a higher than the bronze plans, but the out-of-pocket costs, including deductibles and copays, are lower. Finally, the gold level plans provide the most comprehensive coverage for patients. Those who have a gold level plan will find that about 80 percent of their health care costs are covered, and they have less out-of-pocket expenses for their services. However, they have to pay a higher monthly premium.

Coverage for Recovery Treatment Services Through Aetna

In nearby Georgia, there are several Aetna health care plans available that provide coverage for substance abuse treatment. The GA Aetna Bronze $15 Copay OAMC PD provides complete coverage for substance abuse treatment services that are a part of the company’s network. This includes treatment at both inpatient and outpatient facilities. Patients must pay a 30 percent coinsurance fee if they choose an out-of-network facility.

Another plan is the GA Aetna Gold $10 Copay OAMC PD. At an in-network, outpatient counseling center, patients must pay a $40 copay per visit and their deductible is waived. At an in-network, inpatient facility, they are responsible for a 20 percent coinsurance fee. At any out-of-network facility, the patient is required to pay a 40 percent coinsurance fee.

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