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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Rhode Island

Challenges with drugs and alcohol are a national problem – and these are challenges that aren’t easy to overcome without treatment and professional intervention, whether it’s in Rhode Island or elsewhere in the nation. When it comes to substance abuse treatment, there are two basics avenues for treatment – inpatient and outpatient. The latter treatment option, while more convenient, is also thought to be less successful in the long term for those with more extreme challenges. That’s because outpatient treatment still allows an individual to life their lives as normal, aside from attending counseling and meetings each week as part of the programming.

Inpatient treatment is a much more intensive form of treatment, where individuals check into a rehabilitation facility for 30, 60, 90, or up to 120 days. While in the facility, they’ll go through meetings, counseling, and other forms of treatment. They’ll also be monitored around-the-clock, which is notable early on in their stay for helping to combat withdrawal symptoms they may be experiencing.

However, while treatment is necessary for many that are overcoming substance abuse, this treatment can be difficult for many people to pay for, which is why having a quality healthcare plan on your side, such as those offered by Aetna, can be so valuable. A good healthcare plan can greatly reduce, or possibly even eliminate, your out-of-pocket costs when it comes to entering treatment for substance abuse. Sadly, cost is a reason why many people refrain from seeking treatment for their challenges – because they simply cannot afford it. This post will take a closer look at Aetna’s healthcare offerings in the state of Rhode Island.

Aetna in Rhode Island: The Basics

Aetna offers three categories of plans in Rhode Island – gold, silver, and bronze. As you might expect, gold-level plans offer the most comprehensive medical coverage, covering up to 80 percent of health costs. They also offer the lowest deductibles and minimal copayments. However, the downside to gold-level plans is that they come with higher premiums. Next best are the silver-level plans, which cover medical costs up to about 70 percent and also offer more manageable premiums. The downside, however, is that deductibles are generally higher than gold-level plans and copays may be higher. The final category of healthcare plans, bronze, cover up to about 60 percent of medical costs. While these plans have the lowest premiums, they have the highest deductibles and copays.

Aetna Rehabilitation Coverage in Rhode Island

As we mentioned in the previous section, Aetna offers three different types of plans in Rhode Island – gold, silver, and bronze, many of which cover inpatient substance abuse coverage to some extent. For instance, the Aetna Gold $10 Copay PPO is a popular plan in the state, offering a $1,400 individual deductible and $2,800 family deductible. When it comes to substance abuse coverage, the plan covers it up to 20 percent coinsurance for in-network providers and 50 percent coinsurance for out-of-network providers.

The Silver $10 Copay PPO is another popular plan, offering a $3,500 individual and $7,000 family deductible. It covers inpatient in-network substance abuse treatment up to 30 percent coinsurance, and also requires a $500 copay upon admission. When it comes to out-of-network coverage, the plan covers it up to 50 percent with coinsurance.

The final popular Aetna healthcare plan that we’ll mention here is the Bronze $15 Copay PPO, which has high deductibles of $6,850 for the individual and $13,700 for the family. Inpatient substance abuse is covered 0 percent by coinsurance under terms of the plan for in-network providers. When it comes to out-of-network providers, the plan offers no coverage at all.

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As we noted earlier in this piece, the lack of a good healthcare plan that can minimize out-of-pocket costs is a big reason why many people who need it don’t seek substance abuse treatment. It’s why it’s important to know your healthcare plan and your options. For more information on Aetna healthcare plans available to residents of Rhode Island, contact us at DrugRehab.org today. Our comprehensive resource is your one-stop resource for information on insurance, addiction treatment, and helping hands.

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