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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in New York

Substance abuse and addiction causes complications for individuals and their loved ones. In New York, residents have treatment options available to assist with long-term recovery goals and health. By working with Aetna insurance policies, an individual in New York can focus on recovery rather than the cost of rehab treatment. The policies allow individuals to seek realistic treatment solutions based on their situation and goals.

Aetna Policy Variations

In New York state, residents have a variety of treatment options to handle substance abuse and related mental health disorders. Aetna insurance coverage allows individuals to seek treatment for mental health disorders, including addiction, but the exact details and coverage depends on several variations.

Generally, the policy covers a portion of the treatment costs. The percentage depends on the details of the specific policy, but it usually allows individuals to seek treatment for a set amount of time, like 35 days per year, or a set number of outpatient visits when individuals opt for outpatient rehab programs. While the exact number of days and the treatment options vary, Aetna insurance in New York usually allows individuals to seek treatment in an inpatient and an outpatient facility.

Coverage from Aetna in New York state allows individuals to seek treatment in a variety of programs, but a plan usually covers a larger portion of in-network treatments when compared to out-of-network treatments.

Basic Coverage for Rehab

Although a policy from Aetna has variation based on the specific plan an individual purchases, it always offers some solutions for substance abuse and mental health disorders. In most cases, the policy covers a set number of days when going through an inpatient program. For example, it covers 28 to 35 days per year in certain New York policy options.

When working with outpatient programs, the policy usually sets a number of visits to the facility. For example, 20 visits per year for mental health disorders or substance abuse. Outpatient programs usually offer treatment and recovery solutions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis rather than a daily basis, so individuals focus on the number of treatments at the facility for coverage.

Inpatient programs usually require a certain copayment amount. While the exact details vary, a policy from Aetna usually covers detoxification and inpatient rehab as a separate category. For example, the policy pays a set amount of detox and then pays a set amount for inpatient rehab. The policy can also pay for a percentage of the treatment costs rather than a set copayment, so exact costs associated with recovery vary.

Pay attention to any limitations in the policy. Certain treatment programs or types of treatment are not always covered by Aetna. For example, experimental or optional treatments are usually an exception to the coverage.

Selecting a Treatment Facility

Appropriate treatment for personal goals depends on the situation. In most cases, individuals choose between inpatient and outpatient treatment programs. Residential treatment helps with recovery by eliminating distractions and focusing on recovery for a set amount of time. Outpatient programs allow individuals to maintain career goals and obligations while still working on long-term health and recovery goals.

After deciding between inpatient and outpatient programs in New York, consider the type of treatment offered in the facility. Individuals benefit from holistic treatment plans that focus on personal goals and concerns. Programs can also take an evidence-based approach, which means that it uses tools that show evidence of helping with long-term goals in scientific studies.

When a mental health condition contributes to substance abuse, a program that offers treatment for co-occurring disorders can also help with personal goals. The key to recovering with the help of an Aetna policy in New York is focusing on in-network programs that have a greater amount of coverage when compared to out-of-network options. Select a facility that meets personal goals for treatment and recovery solutions.

Comparing Programs in New York

New York state offers a variety of treatment solutions for substance abuse and mental health disorders. Since Aetna offers coverage to help with long-term goals, you want to compare your options and select a program that works with your situation. For more details about recovery options, contact us at DrugRehab.org today.

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