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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in New Jersey

Taking measures to improve personal health and well-being starts with understanding the coverage available in your Aetna policy. The insurance coverage allows you to seek treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders, but the exact amount of coverage in New Jersey depends on the policy you purchased and your situation. Since substance abuse impacts personal health and well-being, you want to focus on recovery goals and find an appropriate treatment facility that complies with the standards of your policy.

Navigating your Insurance Policy

Aetna offers health insurance policies in New Jersey that help individuals make decisions about their future and health. Before assuming that a policy covers a specific treatment program and rehab facility, evaluate the plan carefully.

Look for any exceptions or limitations stated in your policy. Exceptions focus on the treatments that the plan does not cover. For example, an Aetna policy in New Jersey does not usually cover any experimental treatments or optional treatments with no clear evidence that suggests it helps with recovery. The policy will not usually cover acupuncture or massage therapy.

Limitations differ from exceptions because the policy does cover the situation and the treatment. When looking at limitations, pay attention to any time limits on the treatment or other factors that limit the amount of coverage. For example, the policy might not cover the full cost of out-of-network treatment facilities, but it does offer limited coverage to manage the costs. Most Aetna policies in New Jersey also set a limit on the duration of treatment. It might only cover 28 to 30 days of an inpatient program. Alternatively, the policy can set limits on the number of outpatient visits when seeking treatment for substance abuse and mental health disorders.

Read the details of the policy before assuming that coverage applies. Exceptions and limitations impact the cost of treatment and make it easier to select an appropriate facility for personal goals.

Working with Aetna

Selecting a treatment program for substance abuse and addiction requires careful evaluation of the facility as well as any limitations in the policy. Work with an Aetna policy to compare different options by eliminating out-of-network programs and focusing on in-network facilities. By working with an in-network program, an individual limits the complications that arise when seeking treatment and makes it easier to select a facility.

Focus on programs that comply with the standards of the policy. Opt for an inpatient program that offers detox services or use an outpatient program that works with a personal schedule. Work with your insurance policy to compare your options and evaluate programs so that you or a loved one recovers from substance abuse.

Comparing Treatment Programs

Although Aetna coverage allows individuals to seek treatment for substance abuse, the best program in New Jersey depends on personal needs and concerns. Compare your options carefully before selecting a treatment facility.

Consider your personal situation and decide whether to seek residential care or outpatient care. Residential care means that you stay in the facility for a set amount of time, which is usually 28 to 30 days. It allows an individual to focus on long-term goals without any distractions or temptations. Outpatient care means that an individual goes to the facility for treatment, but does not stay in the facility. It allows individuals to maintain any personal obligations while still recovering from substance abuse.

Evaluate the types of treatments a program offers. In most cases, a facility offers counseling services and basic cognitive therapy. Certain programs also offer evidence-based treatments that use medical tools and scientific evaluation to help with long-term goals. Holistic therapy uses a variety of tools to help with recovery, including medical treatments, psychological treatments, and solutions for co-occurring disorders. Opt for a program that specifically addresses personal concerns and allows individuals to obtain personal goals in a safe environment.

Selecting a Rehab Facility in New Jersey

New Jersey provides a variety of treatment options for residents. Work with Aetna policies to compare different programs and stay within the network. Use the online tools and up-to-date information at DrugRehab.org or contact us today to compare different addiction rehab programs and evaluate the treatment options that works with Aetna insurance to help with long-term recovery goals.

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