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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Nebraska

Arguably the most important step in one’s journey to overcome issues with drugs or alcohol is first the admission that there’s a problem in the first place. As soon as one is willing to admit that there’s an issue, only then can they set themselves up for a positive rehabilitation. Unfortunately, many people don’t get the treatment that they need to overcome substance abuse issues. Why? Because they can’t afford the high out of pocket costs that treatment – especially the highly intensive inpatient treatment type – often comes at. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality healthcare plan on your side – to help offset or completely cover the costs associated with getting the right treatment to overcome substance abuse, whether it’s in the state of Nebraska or elsewhere throughout the nation. And that’s where a healthcare provider like Aetna can play big dividends.

When it comes to substance abuse treatment, there are two main types of treatment – inpatient or outpatient. Outpatient treatment is the less intensive of the two, as people are able to attend meetings and counseling sessions at their own leisure and carry out their lives as they normally would, live at home and go to work or school per usual. Inpatient treatment is the more intensive treatment option, where patients are required to check into a rehabilitation facility for either a short-term (30 days or less) or long-term basis (60, 90 or 120 days). In such a center, they’ll receive around the clock monitoring and full days’ worth of treatment. Inpatient treatment, due to its more intensive method of care, is also generally more expensive than outpatient treatment. But a quality healthcare plan, such as those offered by Aetna, can help cover some of – if not all of – the costs associated with treatment.

Aetna Healthcare Basics

All Aetna healthcare plans, whether they’re offered in Nebraska or elsewhere throughout the country, cover substance abuse treatment – at least in some manner. In fact, Aetna has undergone efforts in recent years to make sure that substance abuse treatment is covered even more so than it has been under plans of the past – both when it comes to medication and rehabilitation treatment coverage.

Aetna separates its plans into gold, silver and bronze plans. Gold plans often come with a higher premium, yet a lower deductible. Silver plans, on the other hand, are a bit cheaper when it comes to premiums, but they also have higher deductibles. And bronze plans are the cheapest plans to acquire, yet have the highest deductibles. All of the aforementioned plan types have varying levels of substance abuse treatment coverage.

Aetna Healthcare Plans in Nebraska

As we mentioned above, all Aetna healthcare plans cover substance abuse treatment – at least to some extent. And while we’ll profile a few of the plans offered in Nebraska below, it’s worth noting that the particular plan that is chosen will dictate how much coverage is included.

In terms of Aetna plans in Nebraska, one of the more popular ones is the Silver $10 Copay Savings Plus plan, which comes with a $3,500 individual deductible. In terms of inpatient substance abuse treatment coverage, however, the plan will cover 30 percent via coinsurance after the individual has paid $500 copay and admission fees.

Another plan offered is the Gold $10 Copay Savings Plus plan, which has an annual individual deductible of $1,400. When it comes to inpatient substance abuse treatment, the plan covers it via 20 percent co-insurance.

There’s also the Aetna Bronze $15 Copay Savings Plus plan, which has a higher deductible of $6,850 per person on the year. In terms of substance abuse treatment, it’s covered 0 percent by coinsurance if it’s an in network provider, but 50 percent by coinsurance if it’s an out of network provider.

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A good healthcare plan could be the difference between getting treatment or not getting treatment for an individual. That’s why it’s so important to know your healthcare plan and what it covers in such a situation. For more information on Aetna healthcare plans offered in Nebraska, visit or contact us at DrugRehab.org today – a comprehensive resource that can aid you every step of the way in your next healthcare choice.

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