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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Minnesota

A major concern for many people who need treatment for a substance problem and/or mental health concerns is how to pay for that treatment. Fortunately, a health insurance plan can pay for a percentage of the treatment you need. You can also find additional ways to save, such as choosing more affordable treatment options and centers and by staying in your insurance plan’s network.

When you’re looking for insurance, Aetna is one of the insurance carriers that provides coverage in your state of Minnesota.

Aetna Coverage in Minnesota

If having Aetna insurance is your goal, you can gain coverage through Aetna’s company, First Health Network. With this Aetna coverage, you gain a PPO network that includes various providers offering the type of treatment you need.

First Health works by taking a personalized approach that determines the kind of treatment each person needs and offering coverage for it. Under a First Health plan, you could expect to visit a doctor who would create an individualized treatment plan for you. First Health will then cover the type of treatment the doctor recommends for the length of time he suggests. Depending on your needs, your doctor might recommend a short-term program or long-term care. And everyone requires a specialized treatment plan, so you might benefit from one or more of counseling, an intensive outpatient program, a residential program or other types of treatment.

You can gain coverage under different types of plans with First Health Network under Aetna. Pick your best plan by comparing the monthly premium, deductible and percentage of care you’ll be responsible for with each option.

Each First Health Network plan will cover you for substance use treatment, in addition to mental health treatment if you have a co-occurring disorder. Your specific plan might vary in the providers it covers, but First Health Network tends to give access to counselors, psychiatrists and other mental health professionals for counseling sessions. The network also covers outpatient rehab programs, hospitalization, and residential stays. And it tends to cover a detox program for chemical dependency. The First Health Network includes a wide selection of professionals and treatment centers in every state, including your state of Minnesota.

Your other option to obtain an Aetna health plan in Minnesota is to sign up for a group plan with your employer if your employer offers one. Aetna offers group plans to businesses of different sizes and the plans provide coverage for custom substance use programs, mental health care and treatment in outpatient centers.

Finding the Right Plan

There are many health insurance plans to choose from through First Health Network under Aetna in Minnesota. It’s a smart idea to compare plans based on what you think you can afford for your monthly payments and how much coverage you will need for your substance use treatment. Look at the premium amount, the deductible, the out-of-pocket maximum, and the percentage of care each plan covers. Regardless of the plan you choose, you will be able to gain some level of treatment for your mental health and substance use needs, helping you get your life on track. For more information on getting the right insurance for your needs or for help deciding on a rehab facility, contact us today at DrugRehab.org.

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