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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Illinois

Despite the fact that addiction treatment at a qualified rehab center is the only way to completely recover from a substance abuse disorder, most people do not get the care that they need. In some cases, people feel that they cannot afford treatment, as it is often perceived to be a luxury. However, many health insurance policies provide full or partial coverage for substance abuse treatment and behavioral health care. In fact, the Affordable Care Act requires health insurance companies that sell policies through the Marketplace to include coverage for substance abuse treatment, mental health care, and behavioral health care. Aetna is a large health insurance policy provider that offers plans to people in Illinois with coverage for addiction treatment.

Aetna Health Coverage in Illinois

Aetna offers eight different health care plans to residents in Illinois. There are plans available at the bronze, silver, and gold levels. Those who are interested in purchasing a policy should consider the different aspects of each metal level, as well as evaluate the benefits offered through the individual plans, before making a final decision.

The bronze level is the most affordable option, as it offers low monthly premiums. While the monthly premiums are low, patients will find that they have to pay higher out-of-pocket costs for health care treatment services. The bronze level covers about 60 percent of health care costs.

The silver level is another option that Illinois residents can consider, and it is known as a moderate and relatively affordable plan. The silver level plans have higher monthly premiums than the bronze plans, but there are less out-of-pocket costs that patients are responsible for. It covers about 70 percent of health care costs.

The gold level is the final metal level available through Aetna. It is a premium level plan with the most significant amount of health care coverage. It covers about 80 percent of all health care costs, but it has the highest monthly premiums.

Benefits for Substance Abuse Treatment Services through Aetna

Each Aetna health care plan and policy offers benefits for substance abuse treatment services, but the specific coverage amounts will vary based on the individual plan that is purchased. One plan that is available is the IL Aetna Whole Health Chicago Bronze $15 Co-pay PD. It provides coverage for both inpatient and outpatient treatment services, as long as the treatment facility is a part of the Aetna network of providers. When a patient selects an in-network facility, they have a 0 percent coinsurance fee. However, there is no coverage available if the patient selects an out-of-network treatment center.

Another plan that is available in Illinois is the IL Aetna Silver $10 Co-pay Savings Plus OAMC PD. Those who purchase this plan have coverage for both in-network and out-of-network treatment centers. If a patient selects an in-network, outpatient rehab center, they are required to pay a $75 copayment per visit, but their deductible is waived. If they select an in-network, residential treatment center, they are required to pay a 30 percent coinsurance fee after they pay a $500 co-pay per admission. If the patient selects an out-of-network treatment center, they are required to pay a 50 percent coinsurance fee.

Components of a Substance Abuse Treatment Plan

Each individual should work with recovery specialists in order to create a treatment plan that meets their own personal needs. There are several components that can be included in a treatment plan, and patients should discuss these components with their treatment provider. In many cases, patients need medical care and prescription medication in order to endure the withdrawal process. Cognitive behavioral therapy and group counseling sessions are beneficial for patients as they work on their recovery. Some patients also opt to include holistic treatment options into their care plan, as these offer a more natural approach to the recovery process.

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