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Aetna Drug Rehab Coverage in Arizona

A major barrier that can hold people back from getting the treatment they need for a substance problem is the inability to pay for the treatment needed. When you think of treatment, you might think about the resort-like facilities with ads on TV, but there are many centers that offer lower cost treatment than those upscale ones. On top of that, health insurance is a resource that can help you pay for treatment. Aetna offers various plans in your state of Arizona that would cover part of the cost of care.

Aetna’s Coverage Within the Marketplace

Aetna adheres to the Affordable Care Act with bronze, silver, and gold plans that fit the guidelines of the act. One of the features that marketplace plans have to include is care for mental health and substance treatment. So any plan you pick through the marketplace will cover the treatment you need to some extent.

The bronze plans tend to cost you less each month with your premiums, while they carry higher deductibles and cover about 60 percent of your care. Silver level plans cost a bit more for premiums, but have smaller deductibles while covering around 70 percent of treatment. And your other option is a gold plan, which tends to come with a higher premium amount while covering 80 percent of care and coming with reduced deductibles.

Once you are covered, you can further cut costs by visiting providers in the plan’s network and by making sure in advance that the plan will cover the type of treatment you need. Aetna marketplace plans cover various types of treatment you could need, including inpatient and outpatient care. You might be able to take part in detox programs, holistic therapies, and other treatment types with your plan. And your plan will specify the length of time it will cover for short-term and long-term treatment.

Aetna’s Arizona Plans

There are numerous plans you could enroll in within your state through the marketplace. The following gives you a sample of the plans to choose from:

At the bronze level, you could opt for the AZ Aetna Banner Health Network Bronze HSA Eligible plan. This POS plan comes with a high deductible of $6,300 for an individual in the network. The out-of-network deductible is higher. After you pay the deductible, you would be responsible for no care costs for either outpatient or inpatient care within the network. Outside the network, you would pay a 50 percent coinsurance for both types of treatment. You also need precertification for care outside the plan network.

At the silver level, one of your plan options is the AZ Aetna Banner Health Network Silver $10 Copay plan. This POS plan gives you a lower deductible than the bronze plan, with an individual, in-network deductible of $3,750. Inside the network, you would pay a $75 copay for an outpatient visit, with the deductible waived. If you opt for inpatient care instead, you would pay a $500 copay for the admission and then a 30 percent coinsurance for the rest of the care. Outside the network, inpatient and outpatient care comes with a 50 percent coinsurance and requires precertification.

If you would prefer a gold level plan, you could choose the AZ Aetna Banner Health Network Gold $5 Copay plan. This is a POS plan that comes with a lower deductible of $1,400 for an individual if you stay in the network. When you choose network providers, you pay a $40 copay for outpatient visits, with no deductible required. Inpatient care costs a 20 percent coinsurance. For outside-the-network care, you need precertification and you pay a 50 percent coinsurance whether you choose outpatient visits or a residential stay.

Choose Your Best Plan

As you can see, you have many options for Aetna insurance within the insurance marketplace in Arizona. These plans provide coverage for substance treatment, in addition to mental health care if you have a co-occurring disorder. Choose the plan that best fits your needs in regards to the monthly premium you can afford compared to the amount of care you anticipate needing. Your insurance plan will make treatment more attainable, helping you break free of an addiction.

For more information or for help getting an insurance plan with coverage that suits your needs for rehabilitative treatment, contact us at DrugRehab.org today.

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